Danny Benedettini caught the production bug at an early age, and his taste for the old school can be heard in the throwback feel of Tell Me Quietly. It’s a retro- tinged trip through modern dance floor sounds, with slickly executed beats and tight arrangements. “Disco Hook” takes its cues directly from its name, with a wonky take on the genre. A three-note bass loop pieces it all together, combining neon melodies with a house beat for an intriguing taste of deconstructed disco. “Nephastum” takes the disco influence even deeper, while sultry cut-n- paste voices and floating Rhodes keys. “Tia’s Home” is a dark tech house jam with sharp percussion and heavy slo-mo distortion. “Fodie Joster” is Benedettini’s tongue-in-cheek thriller that increases with cinematic tension, and then gets dismantled with mental low-fi synth madness. Ascending and descending bass progressions and shooting lasers lend a pulp sci-fi feel to “Breakdown.“

1 (A1): Disco Hook
2 (A2): Nephastum
3 (B1): Tia’s Home
4 (B2): Fodie Joster

Digital only:
5: Breakdown

Release date: June 27, 2011

Vinyl available here
Digital downloads available at Beatport