The process of receiving and listening to demos is akin to the proverbial needle in a haystack – poorly labeled CD’s or MP3’s are handed out indiscriminately like flyers for strip clubs in Times Square (circa 1970). “I really think you are going to like this,” or “All nude girls,” and “DJ ‘X’ played this at Space,” or “24 hours live sex show…!!” But in the end, just like the harsh reality of a stripper in daylight, the demos fall well short of anything mildly interesting and certainly nothing you would bring home to mom… Until Madato… From the first group of tracks he sent it was clear that a nice guy from Naples had sent us the needle we had been looking for. “Naples may not be a place one would consider to be particularly inspiring, from its outside appearance, chaos, and plenty of junk on the streets – it takes a deeper gaze, beyond, and into Madato’s dream world. Madato is always looking at what’s beyond the waste. Inside his dream box you might find Laura Palmer making out with Ian Curtis, Charles Bukowski writing a fairy tale, or perhaps John Nash singing along to Bauhaus songs…“

1 (A1): Disco Velvet
2 (A2): Surfaces
3 (B1): Belonged to You
4 (B2): Model 27

Digital only: 
5: Boxplot
6: Crisis

Release date: April 4, 2011

Vinyl available here
Digital downloads available at Beatport