The old curiosity shop that is Items and Things opens its doors once again; this time breaking with the various artists EP format to dedicate the entire release to two Brazilians, Click Box. Formed four years ago by Sao Paulo DJs / producers Marco AS and Pedro Turra, Click Box’s music has a raw, timeless appeal. Coupling retrospective beats and basslines with big hooks, hypnotic melodies and constantly modulating synths – its the perfect blend of past, present and future and totally fits the freestyle, left-of-centre attitude of Marc, Magda and Troy’s label. There are 8 tracks in all spread across two releases (4 vinyl, 4 digital), with more than something for everyone. Sugar Pain gets things going in a low key fashion highlighting the stripped down beats and arrangements that give this collection of tunes their distinctive old school flavour. Bass Tilt emphasizes the point further with another super sparse 808 groove that’s enveloped in a wash of rich vox-like effects and a simple but highly effective chord sequences. More bass and snare action as Fun K Mouth revs into gear with its warping synth riff and vocal chant summoning up memories of dark, sweaty afterhours. Microgram is full of tight, pressing rhythms that are offset by the quirky main riff before moody synth pads add an element of mystery to the lo-fi groove.

1: Sugar Pain
2: Bass Tilt
3: Fun K Mouth
4: Microgram

Release date: August 13, 2008

Digital downloads available at Beatport