Rework initially surfaced with a series of strong releases on Frankfurt-based techno institution Playhouse in the early 2000s. First appearing on Items & Things on the “Variables” compilation in 2012 (with the track “Tell Me Why”), they have been successfully refining their self-described strand of “cabaret- independent-house” over the course of the past fourteen years.

Forging a distinct sound that combines icy minimal structures with euro-girl vocals that are as haunting as they are catchy, the five cuts that appear on “Blackout” provide their trademark Anglo-French funk antics and a healthy dose of dance floor melancholy. Kicking off proceedings with instrumental title track “Blackout”, the EP grooves forward into stripped down, post-minimal techno territory, with mocking lyrics ringing out on “You’re a Kid”, acting as a crushingly eerie re-introduction to the playfulness that defines much of Rework’s material.

When the chugging krautesque bass line of “Tape” kicks in, listeners are driven through a maze of twisted dance floor mischief until the subtly overwhelming synth lines come crashing towards them. Hedgehog reappears on stripped down EP closer “Tame”, rounding things of in a manner that is typically full of charm, somewhat a la Jane Birkin: a distorted mess of new-wave sensitivity and sublime pop emotion.

Digital exclusive “Any Dream” is a 6-minute arpeggiated epic that is part Factory Records, part Factory Floor, though distinctly Rework.

Artist: Rework
Title: Blackout
Cat. Number: IT028
Format: Digital & Physical
Release date: February 28, 2014

1. (A1) Blackout
2. (A2) You’re a Kid
3. (B1) Tape
4. (B2) Tame
5. Any Dream (Digital Only)

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