Artist: NYMA & Carreno is LB
Title: Lunar Fringe
Cat. Number: IT032
Format: Digital Only
Release date: December 12, 2014

1. Mercurio
2. Solaria
3. Lunar Fringe 4. Sphere
5. Lunatic
6. MoMusic
7. Occur
8. Lvvv
9. Vika
10. Aurelia
11. North West

What would a journey into space sound like? A trip into zero gravity where light and darkness, past, present and future, co-exist in perfect equilibrium? Where eternal stillness and universal movement represent sophisticated equivalence? Where brilliance and shadow come from the same source and return to the same place?

Berlin-based NYMA and Carreno is LB from Madrid, Spain, set out to create an expert example when making “Lunar Fringe”. Effortless, their first longplayer is capturing the spirit of the soundless shifting and silent movement and of the perpetual interplay between sun and moon. The sun representing present, future, and life itself, while the moon stands, symbolically, for the past, as well as the dark side – the reflection of the sun.

Travelling to outer space to gather the collective memories of our solar system, these two long-time pro- active scene-players, both masters in their respective fields of sound creation and producer activity, collide to craft an infinite magnum opus where melancholy and groove, retro sounds, futuristic synths and contemporary patterns meet head-up.

Between these strong poles, the result of steady movement and interaction oscillates back and forth, creating light which sparkles bright in synthesis and flow, rhythm and structure whilst the underlying darkness hauls it all back into the black hole of timelessness.

“Solaria” gives proof of this… Traversing from a dark atmosphere to a more colorful ambience, the strings which drift in around the middle of the track seem to represent hope and faith, lifting the listener towards the light. The title track “Lunar Fringe” is an exhuberant exemplification of bouncing weightlessness combined with joyful contemplation. “Sphere” is a cosmic dance in which joy and frivolous frequencies dance on the lazer beams of the moon, while deep bass lines are kissing their light counterparts on the edge of the solar system – without toppling over it. The underworld of the universe dances to “Lunatic”, an evil nutter of a track, whilst “Lvvv” is a shuffling abstract affair filled with wavering elements.

“Lunar Fringe” captures both worlds without ever losing its balance and leaning toward an extreme – it constitutes a cosmic snapshot of eternity where lightness and darkness are only parts of the bigger picture and actually become one.

Written & produced by NYMA & Carreno is LB Recorded @ Flying Carpet Studio Berlin Artwork by Carreno is LB

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