At last the 1/3rds of Run Stop Restore have finally gotten it together and founded a new label…. simply put, Items & Things. The first release “SPACESHIPS & PINGS” contains four summer hits all wrapped up nicely in one convenient E.P. With tracks from Magda, Marc Houle, Troy Pierce and their good friend Konrad Black Items & Things 01 is poised to leave a big impression. Konrad starts things off with “Coma Couch Surfing” a spacey disco number full of dreamy melodies and a sick bassline that will keep sunny terraces screaming for more. Magda’s “Black Leather Wonder” is a stuttered electro-ish number full of spooky atmosphere and an ominous acid line that skips through the shadows of this sexy track in a way only Magda could come up with. On the flip, “Kicker” from Marc Houle is a steady bleeping good time in true Houle fashion, building and building until the bass drops and presents a crazy melody sends the track over the edge, in a very good way. And finally, “The Day After Yesterday” a trippy vocal excursion into the mind of an obsessed stalker courtesy of Troy Pierce and minimal crooner Gibby Miller. Hinting at old-school Chicago house but with a very new school twist. Gibby says it best, “I think that i’m in deep…..”

1: Konrad Black “Coma Couch Surfing”
2: Magda “Black Leather Wonder”
3: Marc Houle “Kicker”
4: Troy Pierce feat. Gibby Miller “The Day After Yesterday”

Release date: October 13, 2006

Digital download available at Beatport