For his new EP, ‘Undercover’, Items & Things co-founder Marc Houle jumps in his time machine and heads back in time. Destination Chicago, 1987, and a face to face with Master C&J exploring the mysterious power of plunging basslines and moody synths. On remix duties Berlin based Miro Pajic sneaks in charting a decidedly bleepier course while Bruno Pronsato delivers his signature ‘romantic techno’ sound. There’s no way back and Marc launches the fist bars of ‘Undercover’ with just a bouncy kick and a vintage ‘house’ bassline. With reverb in full effect the drums and hi-hats find their own space and time. Then, if the synths that roll in aren’t mysterious enough for you, the pillow talk vocals will be. The end of each line, spoken with a certain sense of agitation, is covered by chords that ride, all night long. The revelation is for your imagination but you might not want to be ‘Under Covers’ with this guy. Next up, Miro takes the dirty sheets and chucks them in the washing machine for a good old fashioned rinse and spin. This mix creeps along all bubbles, pops, tick tocks and rim shots. Snare rolls glide in and out of time only to snap back for a sub-bass drop or a little heavy breathing. What more can you ask for? Bruno’s ‘Electric Blanket Dub’ warms things up quite nicely with its intricate, heady take on the original. Bringing a subtle balance to the three mixes with vaguely organic tones, natural rhythms and spontaneous drum fills, Mr. Pronsato comes through in full on a cold Berlin night.

1 (A1): Undercover
2 (A2): Triple E
3 (B1): Undercover (Miro Pajic Remix)
4 (B2): Undercover (Bruno’s Electric Blanket Dub)

Release date: January 26, 2012

Vinyl available here
Digital downloads available at Beatport