Items & Things

Chojnacka, Houle, Pierce GbR
Koepenicker Str. 6A
10997 Berlin

Email: info(at)

Demos requirements:

1) must be original tracks – no remixes or mix sets
2) must be unreleased
3) must be in a soundcloud set with just the tracks for demo in the set
4)the tracks on soundcloud should be downloadable and include the artist and tracks’ name
5) must be intended for Items & things consideration alone – no blanket spamming for 100 labels
6) we will listen to them but please don’t expect any feedback; It is not our place to change the direction an artist is taking
7) we really appreciate the demos and welcome any weird, dark, fun or funky tracks.

Email us:
itdemos (the at symbol) itemsandthings (dotcom)