Monsieur More has appeared on labels like Agoria’s InFine and Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant whilst at the same time playing everywhere from the legendary London T-Bar to peerless Parisian haunt Rex Club.  This new EP marks the arrival proper of the man and traverses five tracks of twisted dance music with eerie yet rich and beautiful atmospheres. The EP starts out with lead-in track, “The Big Shot,” which teases and taunts with handclaps and bouncy baselines playfully skipping from start to finish. Next up on the A side is “Machine’s Perfume” – a passage of deep space ambiance where sparse machine noises are laid bare and whispering voices craft an eerie air. ‘Eating You Is The Only Solution” shows again that More has a vast sonic palette as he explores more evocative atmospheres. This one has acid twitches, melancholic bass notes and a melancholic robot voice wondering where everyone has gone as ethereal pads and synths drift in the background. “Road To Nowhere” has a juddering bottom end into which the synths and chattery claps melt at every bar.  It’s groovy and moody electronica with beautiful building melodies. “Transformed,” is a digital-only treat which has well defined and steady drums interjected with eerie FX, taught synth sounds, all of the ingredients for the soundtrack of an alien landing…  It’s an otherworldly 4/4 stomper which shares plenty of detailed production with the next track.  Here, More announces himself as deft producer with plenty to say for himself: Another fine discovery for Items & Things.

1 (A1): the big shot (no bitch vocal)
2 (A2): machine’s perfume
3 (B1): eating you is the only solution
4 (B2): road to nowhere

Digital only:
5: Transformed

Release date: December 16, 2011

Vinyl available here
Digital downloads available at Beatport